Dry Verges

Quality dry verges for maximum roof protection

Our dry verges are of the finest quality, assuring maximum protection to your roof when compared to the traditional mortar sealing.

Maximum protection to your roof edges

Dry verges are easy to install and provide great protection to your roof edges, acting as a great alternative to traditional mortar sealing. With dry verges, you do not have to worry about frequent maintenance as they usually last for several years, ensuring peace of mind. You can now get rid of mortar sealing for your roof edges, as mortar requires more maintenance and usually deteriorates faster due to changing weather conditions.

Our expert roofers can install dry verges for your roofing that ensure great weatherproofing and protection from insects, pests and other external elements. Installation of dry verges is fast, easy, and does not require mortar, making the whole process hassle-free. For more details, talk to an expert at R&A Roofing & Sons Ltd today. We are located in Cranbrook.

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Why choose dry verges?

Why choose dry verges?

  • Easier and require less time to install
  • Require lesser maintenance
  • Durable and usually last for over 10 years
  • Protect against weather and external elements
  • No mortar needed for sealing of roof edges
  • Available in plastic and other materials

Whilst we are based in Cranbrook, we offer our services across Hawkhurst, Hastings, Bexhill, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton and Eastbourne.

Quality you can afford!

Quality you can afford!

If your mortar isn't protecting your roof edges from water leakage, get in touch for top-quality dry verge installation. At R&A Roofing & Sons Ltd, we offer quality services that you can afford.

Whilst we can install or repair dry verges, we also provide downpipes and guttering repairs. If you notice clogging of downpipes that obstructs the flow of water to the drainage system, our experienced roofers can fix it quickly and efficiently. Talk to us for more details.
Contact R&A Roofing & Sons Ltd for efficient dry verge installation at affordable prices. We install dry verges for homes located in Cranbrook and Tunbridge Wells.
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